8 Yellow Flower Arrangements to Bestie on International Friendship Day

You can plan a day out, a special bouquet made only for them, a lovely evening dinner, a night out and some gifts.

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Flowers for friends are a must this friendship day, you would need some prep to celebrate your friendship and bond of love. You can plan a day out, a special bouquet made only for them, a lovely evening dinner, a night out and some gifts. All this just to make them feel special and loved. For friends that you choose to have, for the bond you have, friendship day is a great occasion to make them feel taken care of. Rejoice with them and create memories for a lifetime.

Since yellow is the official color for friendship day here are flowers for your best friend and gift ideas for friends-

A box of happiness

    So much has changed in the flower world now from bouquets to centerpieces you can find it all. For this friendship day you can go with a box of flowers, yes a sleek box organized in perfection with flowers. You can pick a yellow rose since that is the official flower for friendship day.

    A yellow surprise

      For this you can go with yellow sunflowers, they are available in abundance during the summer and are easy to find. Accompany these flowers with a yellow themed snack box as a gift. You can organize flowers like sunflowers with red roses and lavender stock.

      A ray of sunshine

        For this beaming bouquet you would need flowers like yellow roses and white roses, closed up lilies, yellow asiatic lilies. Don't forget to add greens like leather leaf fern and solidago. You can also take flowers like yellow lilies along with white ones to balance it out.

        A pretty dream

          A dreamy yellow bouquet that has flowers like roses, carnations, green poms and lavender. You can pick the colors but since we are doing only yellow, you can go with white roses, yellow carnations, yellow lilies on top, green poms and lavender stock.

          A yellow fairytale

            For this big and fluffy bouquet you can get a bunch of yellow and white daisies, yellow spray roses along with yellow spider mums, green poms and some leaves. Yellow roses are a must since they are known as the Yellow Friendship Flower.

            A sweet surprise

              If you don't want to go for yellow all over you can just go for hints of yellow. Create a dome of purple roses, and add to this dome yellow roses and mini yellow carnations. Along with this you can pick gifts for friends.

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              Gifts and flowers

                Along with flowers some gift ideas for best friends are bluetooth specked, travel essentials, or even a luxury item. To accompany this with flowers you can go with a bunch of yellow lilies.

                Flowers forever

                  For a quick flower bouquet that looks ethereal you can go with yellow tulips, if not all you can also take a mix of pink and yellow or even a mix of white and yellow.

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