Celebrate the Holidays with Unconventional Flowers

Let's explore how these distinctive blooms from our Jackson Heights florist can elevate your holiday spirit, making your celebrations truly unforgettable.

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Tired of the same old holiday decorations and want to add a touch of uniqueness to your celebrations this year? Look no further than unconventional flowers to brighten up your festivities. This holiday season, break away from tradition and embrace the extraordinary beauty of these flowers. Let's explore how these distinctive blooms from our Jackson Heights florist can elevate your holiday spirit, making your celebrations truly unforgettable.

Elevate your elegance with orchids

Firstly, consider the elegance and sophistication of orchids. Our florist in Bayside recommends these exotic flowers that symbolize love, beauty, and strength, making them an ideal choice for adding a touch of luxury to your holiday decor. Choose orchids in festive hues like deep reds, rich purples, or classic whites to complement your seasonal theme. Whether adorning your dining table or gifting them to loved ones, orchids bring a unique charm that sets them apart from the usual holiday flowers. You can conveniently order holiday flowers online from our website to effortlessly incorporate these stunning blooms into your festive celebrations.

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Whimsy in Bloom: Candy Cane Lilies

Next up, the candy cane lily adds a whimsical and playful element to your celebrations, especially when incorporated into holiday floral arrangements. With its red and white striped petals reminiscent of the iconic holiday treat, this flower adds a dash of festive cheer to any setting. Use them in arrangements or as standalone blooms to create a visually stunning display that captures the joy and excitement of the season. The candy cane lily is an unexpected delight that will have your guests talking long after the celebrations are over.

Radiant Color with Gerbera Daisies

For a burst of vibrant color, turn to gerbera daisies, readily available at our flower shop in Queens, NY. These cheerful flowers come in a variety of shades, from traditional reds and greens to unconventional pinks and oranges. Mix and match these lively blooms to create eye-catching bouquets that reflect the diversity of the holiday season. Gerbera daisies are not only visually striking but also convey a sense of warmth and happiness, making them an ideal choice for spreading holiday cheer.

Tranquil Bliss: Lavender's Calming Touch

Looking to infuse a hint of tranquility into your holiday festivities? Lavender is the answer, and with our Winter flower delivery Jackson Heights, it's easier than ever to send holiday flowers to your loved ones. With its calming fragrance and delicate purple blooms, lavender brings a touch of serenity to any space. Create lavender bouquets or use sprigs of lavender as accents in wreaths and garlands. Not only do these flowers add a soothing element to your decor, but they also make thoughtful and unique gifts that your loved ones will appreciate.

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Timeless Elegance: White Roses Speak Volumes

Opt for the timeless elegance of white roses to bring a touch of purity and grace to your holiday celebrations. These classic blooms symbolize love, innocence, and new beginnings, making them a versatile choice for various occasions. Whether arranged in a bouquet or used in table centerpieces, white roses exude sophistication and timeless beauty, adding a touch of refinement to your festive atmosphere.


This holiday season, elevate your celebrations with the extraordinary beauty of unconventional flowers. From the elegance of orchids to the whimsy of candy cane lilies, Ultima Florals has the perfect blooms to make your festivities truly unforgettable. Explore our exquisite selection and order holiday flowers online from our website, to bring a burst of color, tranquility, and joy to your holiday moments. Choose Ultima Florals for a touch of sophistication that goes beyond the ordinary, making your celebrations bloom with unmatched beauty.


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