Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts for Mom from Daughter

Check the list of sweetest Valentine's Day presents for mom that are sure to make her cry joyful tears.

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Although February 14 is recognised as a romantic occasion, your sweetheart isn't the only one who deserves your devotion. Why not surprise your mother on Valentine's Day? If you're looking for some motivation, look no further. We've compiled a list of the sweetest Valentine's Day presents for mom that are sure to make her cry joyful tears.

Relaxing Bath with No Interruptions

There's nothing like a deep, hot bath for a mum with a hard full-time job. Consider scattering rose petals in the tub and bathwater, lighting candles all around, and buying her some bath bomb soap to soak in. Allow her to soak in the tub for as long as she wishes once the room has taken on a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.


Diamonds are a woman's best friend for sure. Search for antiques or unique items that might one day become just a family heirloom by going outside the box.

Treat her to breakfast in bed

A tried-and-true favourite! There's something magical about getting up in the morning to a delicious home-cooked meal and a cup of hot coffee while still in your pyjamas. That's all there is to it.

New set of PJs/Eye mask

We adore this gift idea of new PJs and an eye mask! There's something luxurious about slipping into a nice nightie and lounging in it. Mums spend a lot more time in their PJs especially when they have little children, so having a favourite nightie or PJs is special!

Beauty Therapy 

You can't go wrong with massages, face treatments, manicures, and pedicures! There's something really precious about treating your mom and taking some time for you and your mum.

Take on that Chore 

Nothing says love to a mother like getting that item she's been putting off done! If everything else fails, a spotless home and freshly laundered clothes never hurt anyone! Send her out for a stroll or a coffee date, and scrub while she's gone!

A letter or card written by hand 

We forget how meaningful handwritten letters are in today's digital environment. Among the most romantic presents you can offer is the thought and effort required to express your thoughts, tell a story or recollection, or even write a poem about how valuable your mum is to you. Step it up a level with a homemade card featuring a picture or drawing of a cherished memory if you're looking for that additional brownie point.

Make a voucher book 

Every lady has a distinct list of things she'd like to get on Valentine's Day. Whether it's a foot massage, a home-cooked meal, a candlelight bath, or a sunset beach walk. Give her a book of handcrafted vouchers that she can use whenever she wants with her daughter. It's a gift from the heart that goes on giving.


Motherhood has long been associated with spring flowers, which are both symbols of growth and fertility. There aren't many females who don't appreciate a lovely bouquet of brilliant flowers to brighten their day.

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